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Hello. Welcome to my little blog.
Thank you very much for visiting!

My name is Michael Koester and I live in Munich, Germany. I work for Microsoft as a Designer Marketing Manager, focusing on Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. In that capacity, I am responsible for evangelizing and marketing some really exciting new products from Microsoft: The Expression Suite (Design, Blend, Media) and Silverlight.

Coming from a designer background myself (I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before joining Microsoft in 2001), I am tasked with bringing our design and user experience message to other designers and creatives in these geographies. This is challenging and exciting at the same time as Microsoft is usually pretty good at talking with developers but designers are completely different and a pretty new target group for us as a company!

On this blog, I collect and comment what I find interesting and memorable. Mostly, this is related in some way to design in all its flavors, but there might more personal posts as well. Here are some things I find interesting:

  • Design (architecture, product design, graphic design, interior design)
  • Old computers, technology & retro video games
  • Gadgets & personal technology
  • Microsoft & Microsoft products
  • WPF, Silverlight, Microsoft Expression
  • Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa culture & countries

 If you enjoy what I have to say (or not) – drop me a line or leave a comment!

These postings are provided “AS IS” with no warranties. The content of this site consists of personal opinions and do not officially represent Microsoft’s view in any way.


One Response

  1. Heyy,

    Gr88 Blog and Resourcefull place to get helped.

    i’d like to ask you about your EDC08 Tutorial/Sample. it would be of gr88 help.

    Also am Asking about the Part where you Changed the Template of the List View Box.

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