Expression Web Beginner’s Tutorial

Here is a nice tutorial for Expression Web that shows how to build a complete web site with and Expression Web. This was designed as part of a curriculum for High Schools that want to teach their students web design skills:

Your Learning Guide to Expression Web provides a convenient method to learn valuable Web development skills using Microsoft® Expression® Web. In this self-paced, 55-page tutorial, you will learn the basics of using Microsoft Expression Web and build a creative, dynamic Web site from scratch with the design tools that IT professionals use.While creating a Web site using Expression Web, you will:

• Learn about ASP.NET
• Create page layouts with layers
• Incorporate images
• Format text with Style Sheets
• Use CSS with other elements
• Design and use Master Pages
• Create links
• Include an interactive calendar

You will be able to apply what you discover in this tutorial to create many styles of Web sites.

This tutorial can be used as a stand-alone resource or to accompany the Expression Web Curriculum for Pre-collegiate Students.

Head over to this site for more information:

Cheers Koestie


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