A new WPF starter kit has been published!

Have you ever seen the New York Times Reader? It is one of the top WPF apps out there, allowing you to read the NYT on your computer. It is a totally different experience from going to a website. Microsoft has now released a new starter kit that gives you the opportunity to build your own reader application and connect it to the data feeds of your choice. Here is the abstract:

We are very excited to take the wraps off of our newest addition to .Net client development – a Starter Kit designed to make it easy to create rich, syndicated multimedia and content experiences which engage the user, from documents and photos to videos and podcasts.

These Syndicated Client Experiences (SCE) applications exploit the push capabilities of RSS in a model where content is synced down to the local computer and each application retains full control over the presentation of the content. Microsoft’s Sync Framework-based Subscription Center takes care of syncing, local storage, subscription management and the safe caching of authentication credentials. These building blocks and services are designed to help application developers focus on what matters to them most: providing an optimal, highly-differentiated content experience on the desktop with very rich content, branding, skinning and custom user interface elements.

I am just now looking into this – I want to build my very own Digg reader application with :-). Here is the link: http://windowsclient.net/wpf/starter-kits/sce.aspx



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