Free Expression Web eBook

UPDATE – thanks for the comment, I have changed the post accordingly – actually, it came to me too late that deep-linking directly to content  on other sites is not very good form … so apologies for that & please get the book on the web site.

If you are building your web site with Expression Web, you might be interested in this free eBook by Microsoft MVP Tina Clarke. The book shows you how to implement and use Dynamic Web Templates in Expression Web:

Free Expression Web Dynamic Web Template Ebook By Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP – FrontPage.

How to make DWTs and prepare your site.

  • Do you want to spend less time adding new menus and content that appears on every page
  • Would you like to be able to change your template in a few minutes?
  • Do you find the maintenance of your site tedious?

If so get my free Expression Web Dynamic Web Template Ebook and learn how to change your site into any easy chore today.

 The book is offered as an .exe file (no PDF or text) with an included reader. Get it here …