Books I read: Steven Levy, The Perfect Thing


I have a guilty secret – I love the iPod. I had the first generation model back when they came out and I now have 3: a 3rd generation 20 GB model, a 5th generation 80 GB model and a brand new iPod Touch. In all honesty, the iPod is by no means the best MP3 player on the market, but nevertheless, the whole package is so polished and well thought out that it is really hard to resist.

In his book, Steven Levy has collected a number of essays that each describe one feature of the whole iPod craze. These essays can be read in any order – in fact, the author encourages that and in this way tries to evoke the iPod’s shuffle function. There are chapters about the design, the social implications and also a lot of background information about Steve Jobs, who arguably can be considered the mastermind behind the iPod’s success. This is not a big book and a very engaging read – highly recommended if you want to get an insight into why this thing took off like it did!

Link to the Amazon page …



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