Building next-generation presentations with Expression


Expression Blend is supposed to be used primarily to build next-generation user interfaces for the desktop and the web. When I saw Blend for the first time, I thought that it would be great for interactive presentation-type of work as well (sort of a next-generation Powerpoint). Blend natively supports working with audio, video, 3D and animation and it is definitively possible to build great interactive screen presentations – especially for big events or similar type of environments. The only problem is that there is a bit of a learning curve involved when getting started – if you are coming from the design world, then you should get up to speed quite quickly but if you are new to that (maybe coming from the Powerpoint world) then it can be a daunting task …

Turns out that somebody had the same idea – a company named Electric Rain will be releasing an addon to Blend that helps prepare interactive presentations that make it possible to utilize the full suite of effects in Blend and WPF. It is called StandOut and it comes in two flavors: one for designers and one for business professionals. Here is the description:

StandOut is a software solution enabling business professionals to enter the new era of visually compelling and highly effective presentations. StandOut brings together the simplicity of editing a slideshow with the impact of a custom presentation that uses motion graphics, professional design and artistic creativity. StandOut helps presenters deliver remarkable communication experiences that get results.

Best of all, there is a public beta available for everybody to sign up. I have already received my beta key and will be posting a full review of the product as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can also sign up for the beta yourself!

Stay tuned,


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