Books I read: Douglas Coupland, jPod

jPod - Book Cover

Some time ago I read Douglas Coupland’s novel Microserfs. It did not quite resonate with me – most likely, I guess, because I could not really connect with the guys portrayed in that book. Last week, I was browsing the airport bookstore at Heathrow and I came across his newest book – jPod. I bought it, and I have to say it is quite hard to put down – very funny stuff. Mostly because if you live in this age and time and are at least a bit a geek and aware of what is happening right now in the technological space then you will recognize quite a lot of the references in the book as being present in your own life as well …

Here is an excerpt from the page:

Young Ethan Jarlewski works long hours as a video-game developer in Vancouver, surfing the Internet for gore sites and having random conversations with co-workers on JPod, the cubicle hive where he works, where everyone’s last name begins with J. Before Ethan can please the bosses and the marketing department (they want a turtle, based on a reality TV host, inserted into the game Ethan’s been working on for months) or win the heart of co-worker Kaitlin, Ethan must help his mom bury a biker she’s electrocuted in the family basement which houses her marijuana farm; give his dad, an actor desperately longing for a speaking part, yet another pep talk; feed the 20 illegal Chinese immigrants his brother has temporarily stored in Ethan’s apartment; and pass downtime by trying to find a wrong digit in the first 100,000 places (printed on pages 383–406) of pi. Coupland’s cultural name-dropping is predictable (Ikea, the Drudge Report, etc.), as is the device of bringing in a fictional Douglas Coupland to save Ethan’s day more than once. But like an ace computer coder loaded up on junk food at 4 a.m., Coupland derives his satirical, spirited humor’s energy from the silly, strung-together plot and thin characters.

Definitively a thumbs-up … take a look!
Here is the link to the Amazon page …



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