Information Overload

My RSS Feeds in Omea Reader

You know the scenario if you are a blog fan or RSS aficionado: how to keep track and organize that ever-expanding list of feeds or news channels. Well, the single most important tool is a robust RSS reader. There are loads out there, but I have tried many and was not really satisfied. Mostly, because I have some preferences when it comes to reading my news:

  • I do not just RSS feeds, I am also a big fan of newsgroups. So, my reader ideally needs to support both RSS and NNTP. That alone disqualified most of the applications I tried :-(.
  • Podcast and video podcast support would be nice!
  • I like to use the space bar to step through posts sequentially, I do not want to use the mouse (That comes from years of using Outlook Express to read news).
  • I have a lot of feeds & newsgroups that I read, performance (while reading and searching) is really key for me.
  • I want to categorize feeds in folders & tag them with categories.

After a lot of searching, I found the ideal tool for me: JetBrains Omea Reader. A great freeware reader and information organizer that I can heartily recommend. Check out the screenshot above or try it yourself: DOWNLOAD.



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